BERTHA’s summer news

The slightly-warmer season that we in the UK laughably call summer, has flashed by already. Here at BERTHA HQ we’ve not idled on the beach the whole time but been busy supplying BERTHAs to a few new restaurants, news of which below.

In Soho, Flavour Bastard, an unforgettably named new restaurant has taken cool eating in Soho to new heights, with a BERTHA centre stage in its kitchen. Head Chef , Pratap Chahal, formerly of Claridge’s and Chez Bruce, and the founder of Hungry Chef, has created a ‘cuisine-agnostic’ menu that draws from wherever it finds inspiration. It’s getting rave reviews and justifiably, with the pork belly being our pick of the mains.

Flavour Bastard, Soho, London.

Elsewhere new BERTHA’s have gone in at Mildred’s Dalston, the world famous vegetarian restaurant chain, after great success with BERTHA at their other sites. George’s Great British Kitchen have also installed 2 new ovens in their Liverpool and Nottingham sites and the Fancy Crab in central London, famed for it’s Red King Crab dishes, have added a BERTHA to their armoury. Whether it’s seafood, vegetables, breads or meats the BERTHA is such a verstatile bit of kit it can bring something to almost any restaurant concept you can think of.

Over in Belfast, new restaurant EDO Belfast has taken a BERTHA and is getting rave reviews from the hungry workers of Upper Queen Street. Our pick of the mains would have to be the Sugar Pit Pork chops with lentils. Delicious!