Cheese baked to perfection at Pea Porridge

Cheese, baked to perfection, at Pea Porridge

It’s our belief, at BERTHA, that what top chefs are looking for, most of all, from their kitchen equipment is the opportunity to be creative and inventive, to conjure new and interesting tastes and textures. And it’s the BERTHA’s ability to give chefs this creative edge that makes our oven so attractive to restaurants and hotels looking to establish a reputation for their food.

One such chef is Justin Sharp, exec chef at the award-winning Pea Porridge restaurant in Suffolk. His latest ‘signature’ dish is a prosciutto wrapped cheese, cooked to melted perfection in the BERTHA. It took a while to source the right cheese but Justin now believes he has perfect elements for an unforgettable dish.

Justin gets the cheese from St. Jude’s dairy farm in Suffolk, which uses milk from the Montbeliarde breed of cow. Julie, the owner, has been making cheese for over 10 years now, winning the James Aldridge Trophy in 2013 for the Best British Raw Milk Cheese. That was when Julie’s farm was in Hampshire – she has since moved to Suffolk for better milk where she now feels she is getting even better results.


Wrapping the individual cheese portions in some prosciutto ham, Justin then bakes them in the BERTHA for a couple of minutes on each side, low over the coals, before they’re ready to serve. The taste is sensational – it really has to be tasted to be believed.  If you’re ever in Suffolk do go try one for yourself.

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